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Friday, May 22, 2009

Engagement Make-up

Just to let others know, (hehe..) my friend, Asha (she's so cantik u noe!) will be engage to her buah-hati-pengarang-jantung, InsyAllah by July this year. Congratz!!!


that also explained how she's now becomes serabot-tunggang-terbalik! She's so busy! preparing this and that. And I'm sure at this stage of time, many fiancee-to-be experienced the same things too. They will become a bit cerewet, as in the mind is only - PERFECTION! Things that happen once in a life time SHOULD be just perfect as imagined. Who doesn't! Am I right? but to you whom the fiancee-to-be, just remember this (to reduce the pressure!), ppl does said this.....



so, cheer up .. cheer up !


my sweet lil' friend, Asha told me that she couldn't find the perfect make-up service for her engagement. Therefore, as orang yang suke sangat sibuk (dan suke membantu!) I recommend this to her.....

The services offers are such as :

* Bridal Day Make-up
* Bridal Night Make-up
* Dinner & Dance Make-up
* Photography Make-up
* Stage Make-up
* Creative Make-up
* Trendy Make-up
* Makeover
* Eyebrow Trimming
* Eyelash Extensions

and of course the 'eyelash extension' really catch me! hehe :) and other things that catchy about this bridal make-up stylish is the quality professional products used (MAC, Shu Uemera, Dior, Make Forever) and also please pointed your eyes at the other things they offer for bridal 2009, once you visit to the blog. Really catchy!

and the price???

reasonable and worth every penny
(in my opinion!, as they uses super makeup products)
hard to believe - engagement makeup and hairdo - RM120.00!
FREE trial makeup :o
and stated in the website that....

" the trial is one of the most important aspects of the wedding hair and makeup services that is provided "

For me, the statement shows the committed in providing services. Impressive!

To read more, click here and here(detail).

just to share that, I am pretty doubtful about the prices offers.
So, better make a call to the stylish to re-confirm the quotation.

and oh ya!
Another reason of this highly recommendation is this...
click picture to enlarge
3 thumbs up! (in the red circle)

another bridal make-up that can be recommend...
click here!

The stylish is one of the famous makeup artist, NurulShukor's student. The makeup do quite ockay lah but I still into the Glamorous' makeup :) and the stylish also is a student of Indonesian hair stylish, Heri (hehe..tak kenal!) tapi the hair do pix in the blog cantik la. Price for engagement makeup? RM180.

DO visit the blog yeah!

Love u Asha PiPi Acapan!

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