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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mamak Hair-cut

Did you ever have your hair cut done at mamak?
I don't! and I never come into mamak-barber shop before.


last Monday, after sending my jeans and tops to be alter, I follows MB to have his hair 'cut' at mamak-barber :)

the mamak "mowing" MB's head.
MB : B, ingat kepale kite rumput ke?


p/s : The only thing that I'm concern is the hygiene (don't get me wrong... I'm not type of person who said i-tak-boleh-makan-warung-lah-takut kotorrr). The equipment the barber used should be very clean as it will be re-use on other customers' head but I think the mamak used clean equipment lah as MB pun kinda particular person. He won't simply have hair cut kalau die tahu equipment used tak bersih. MB siap suruh mamak tu shave his janggut n misai lagi! Anyway, RM10 charged is more than worth compared to have hair cut at salon. Mamak ni shave MB's head lagi pro, nampak lagi kemas n siap buat urut kepala & leher lepas tuh. Pakai minyak cap kapak je tau! MB kate superb! Best gile. Rase ber-angin.


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