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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear Me - Part 1

Dear me(you),

As I'm working (doing my internship) with Petrosains, hari-hari pun boleh nampak ramai budak-budak sekolah datang visiting, ikut rombongan sekolah. Ade yang from kindergarten (ape kerje budak kecik datang Petrosains? They can't even read! but it's fact that the exposure to science world from youngest age might help their brain-cell to grown and can built their interest too! comel dorang nih!) and ade jugak yang sekolah rendah (I dunno how to say this - at least in a polite way, but I'd smell that semua budak sekolah rendah ni ade satu body odor!) and ade student sekolah menengah jugak. PLKN trainee pun ade datang! In other words, Petrosains yang costly berjutaan ringgit itu actually is a good investment - it making money everyday!

While I'm looking at the students - especially from sekolah menengah, suddenly my mind fantasized away, thinking of what will happen and how it's look like if only I could turn back the time - turn the clock wisely to the time I want as one likes.

Kalau boleh nak turn back the time to when I was 16. One of the best part and time in my life, which I enjoyed it very much as a growing up teenager, whom to be seen as too energized, excited and wondering too much about her life and future. And of course, I want to re-sit for SPM and confidently I know, I will do better this time. Yes! I know I can do better, coz I know I did not before :D haha!

Tapi bile pikir balik...

Kalau lah boleh turn back the time, mungkin I have been placed to other place for my study (tengok SPM result lah beb - dah jadi terbaik kot..hehe!) - sebab mungkin kite(me) tak kan pilih BMI. Bile tak masuk BMI, how nak kenal ngan MB :( So sedih :(( And lagi satu, tak mungkin jugak dapat kenal kawan-kawan lain - Yan, Akak Dae, Pipi, Ita, Gedem, Mel, Ana, Yana, Niza, Yus, Alia, Adeq, Farra, Nik, Hani, Tiah, Zu, Sha, Amin, Bobob, Fatin, Nabila, Sara, Wani, Shaz, Amni, Kak DJ, Pah, Fifi, Kak Fara Wong, Syed, Capik, Capik Garoo, Ainaa, Amie, Yani, Dani, Acid, Bintang, Vanny, Nadia,...

So, rase macam tak pe lah. I'm happy with my life now. I'm happy with how it's been flowing. I'm totally happy! :))

Fate and Destiny of Pija.


  1. if time cn b turned back, evryone wud want to g0 back. unfortunately dats not possible. s0 we jz hv t0 live evry m0ment, nj0y, n put the past behind. :)

  2. i, myself wishing for the same too once. but why not we appreciate present more than thinking just wanted to go back. life is not that short to be stopped at certain time. so smile for next days ahead

    its worth knowing to be friend with akak too :)


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