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Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 Things My Friends Should Know About Me

1) I love my friends but I hate bestfriend... because bestfriend is like my soulmate. Once I got caught in fighting with my besties, it hurts me so muchhh! The pain can't be compared, not even to when I got problem with my bf. It's hurts more than that! That's why I don't want to have bestfriend!

2) I think all my friends are pretty in their own way. Seriously, in my eye they are all pretty, sweet, nice, kind and amazing - that sometimes I wonder why don't we made to be sisters? So, I can share everything with them :)

3) I can be more "me" when I am with my friends, rather than when I am with my bf. I needs to behave to the very max. while with him. It's not because I do-control-ayu or whatnot while with him (ish! tolong la. Da lama hidup dengan MB, tak de maknanya nak ayu-mayu nih!aih!) but it's because my bf asked me for ;p

4) These are what I do best with my friends.....
✔ talking craps
✔ stalking hot guys... opps!
✔ shopping :)))
✔ spilling gossip and can't stop laughing about it!
5) I can live without friends but my life easily get bored without them.

6) Friends make me feels needed.

7) I can be everyone's friend but not everyone can be my friends. I am complicated, and maybe the most complicated human beens ever lives! I afraid no one can really stand besides me ;(

8)  Sometimes I can consider myself as a true friend coz I cry when my friends cry and I fight when my friends fight.

9) My friends are all girls. For boys, I not calling them as friends, I called them..... accessories! Hikhik ;p

10) And I love this quote.....



  1. Agreed!! saya sgt setuju..
    babe.. nice!!~

    we re fren kan? kan? ngeh2!! yeah!! they r accessories jekk.. kahkah!

  2. ha'a mesti la kite kawan. boys hanya untuk mengindahkan lagi dunia ni. hikhik ;p

  3. sangat benar!! suker jmpe kamoo tadi kat klcc!~


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