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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The 2nd Awesome Blog Buddy Award - from Gal :)

TQ Gal ~!

I think I gonna writes only the facts about her, since I already did this Award and Tagging game, first from Illi.

5 facts about Mahfuzah @ Gal
:: I think she's cute and for most she's a natural beauty girl. Lucky her! She doesn't needs a mascara to make her eyes look big... she've a plumply cheek and so she doesn't need a blusher to be putting on.

:: She so in love with her boy and I bet everyone knows :)

:: She working nearby my internship place, Ampang Avenue.

:: In personal, I think she got a great taste on fashion / wearings / etc.

:: She love shopping and she marathon while she do shopping, I guess. Sebab bila saye bace blog Gal pasal her dating-story ngan Encik Uppa, agak terkejut gak la how she manage to go to 3 malls in a day! Saye tak mampu nak buat macam tuh. Penat!

p/s: Gal, I tag you to do this same Award-and-Tagging. Buat yeh?

Pija n Gal ;p

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