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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sudahlah jatuh, ditimpa tangga pula

I tot my "nasib malang" already ended but NO!
It still following me!
Shuhhh shuhhh nasib malang.
Stay away!
Tak larat la cam ni ;(

Current location : Starbuck Off Berjaya Timesquare.
Nasib malang of the day : Losing the parking ticket and paid for 50MYR
Current collection of nasib malang  :1) Digicam breakdown
                                                         2) Lappy hang and breakdown
                                                         3) No money to repair and pay for ol' tat!

Lessons of the day ... Saye miskin duit tapi saye kaya kasih sayang. Saye miskin duit tapi mak saye kaya! Saye miskin duit dan selalu buat hal tapi MB masih sayang saye :) Saye miskin duit, selalu buat hal dan bernasib malang tetapi saye comel! Hehehe :p

I save this entry for me to read it again in future, in other time, where the time I got ol those tat I dreams and when the time is, I will laugh aloud while reading this entry, and at the same time saying this to myself.....
"Jangan pernah lupa mase hidup susah dulu". Tapi adakah saye akan hidup senang masa akan datang nanti? InsyaAllah.....

Saye rase saye mengarut saje,P.

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