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Sunday, January 30, 2011

First movie I watched this year.

I never falls asleep in my History class. My History notes has become lending material to my friends. They said the colorful mind mapping had help them a lot. And I ever think to publish the sketches as a History text book. And I declares myself as a nerdy chronicle. But guess what I end up with choosing engineering, yeah what on earth...? -_-!

Last Friday night I watched this

The Way Back, by National Geography.

And today, pagi pagi lagi, I can't get out from the couch as I nailed watching History channel. They brought this

The Madness of Henry VIII, dengan salah satu pesanan pesanan tersirat: JANGAN RAMPAS LAKI ORANG.

Hehehe `' I'm reading beautifulnara.com and I would like to comment based on the shows of the madness England king I watched this morning, Jejai can be the King Henry VIII. Nora Danish 60% can be the Catherine of Arogan. And Fasha Sanda can certainly plays the Anne Boleyn.



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