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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Buddies On My Birthday

Thanks a lot buddies...

Last Sunday night, my friends and me had this small barbecue & steamboat gathering near Asha's house in Sungai Buloh. On my way to that place with MB, was like to win a race competition je rasenye, as we quite late, while others of my friends already arrived. Both of us not really familiar with the area of Sungai Buloh plus with not enough signboard provided I guess. *sigh* Hate it! bile sesat jalan. But at the end, kami sampai jua :)

This place is..... "sangat mendamaikan". I don't really know how to describe it but one word for the place... picturesque. Can you imagine that this place that just located few miles (i think..heh!) from city centre, is still kept safe from hiruk pikuk, debu, orang lalu lalang, traffic jam somemore (haih! sangat menyesakkan)... just like I'm being at my hometown.

And of course, my friends and I will come back here again for re-gathering :) The reasonable food prices that they charged also one of the factor why I likey the place so much(seriously, sangat berpatutan and murah compared to others). Only RM18 per person and you can enjoy all the dishes they served. No limit. Yeah! that's more important, NO LIMIT and that's makes this place much much more interesting. You can take how much foods you want to eat and how long you want to be there.

Btw, the night of our gathering is my birthday night. So, I brought a tiramisu cake to celebrate :) Sangat sedap!

Still in birthday mood,


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  2. hye there,
    welcome to my blog :)

    haha. still new in this blogging thingy buy i found it really interesting. bole ajar ke how to "make up" my blog ? :)

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