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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sell Out!


Last Sunday, MB brings me to watch movie at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara. But... not even one of the now showing movie attracts us. However, because of the sake of not watching movie for about 3 weeks, we chose to at least watch this "musical " movie. I am actually, who made the decision and MB just agreed, terpakse to agree sebenarnye, and always been like that! hehe.

Anddd saye sangat menyesal pilih movie ni!

Sangat boringgggggggggg.
Tak paham!
Sangat mengarut!

I don't know - how lah this movie can won many awards. Ok, to do justice to this movie, let me say this, actually the movie had an artistic-sentimental value and only for art-hearted person. You can judge this from the shooting location chosen. Take a look at the wall of the office building. Macam building tak siap. In making sense, why the directors chose such location? Hurmm.. to brings an art message, i guess! hurmmm..

I don't how to evaluate this movie as a good movie as it won many international awards lah. hurmm.. pening la. But here my conclusion, this musical movie brings artistic value in it, therefore the "artistic-person" (which refers to the judges) should look at this movie as an appreciation and as an evolution to film industry. That's why la bole menang. Hehe :D


Peter Davis !

Kamoo sangat comel lah! hehe :)

Click here if you want to see "more-of-him" :p

huk.. huk.. huk..

Kaki Wayang.

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