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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paul Rudd vs. Ben Stiller :)

I'd watch this two movies.....

To read the short review of this two movies,
you can read from here.

After all, I only want to tell you that I highly suggesting you to watch the ' I Love You, Man ' movie. Trust me its worth it than to catch a ticket for ' Night At The Museum 2 '. What can I say? sequel-movies always failed at it's next sequel. Let me gives you the other examples of sequel movies that failed...

Princess Diary 1 - best! cute, spontaneous and fresh acting and ideas
but when Princess Diary 2 came out - dull!

Miss Congeniality - sangat suke movie ni. I watched for hundred times!
but Miss Congeniality 2 - bored!

what else? arghh! can't figured out others. But always been like that! The second sequel not really good as the first one. Anyway, ' Night At The Museum 2 ' still can be consider as the good movie as the variability appeared in the characters.

p/s : If you already watched ' I Love You, Man ', please log in here and vote this movie for the "best kiss" 2009 MTV Movie Awards! :p

Enjoy the movies!

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