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Monday, June 29, 2009

17 Again

Do you ever feels to turn back to when you were 17?
To experience back the high school life?


In one word, no!
I hate my schools years.
Nope! The truth is... I hate me, myself! when I was in my school years!
I hate the laziness nested in me.
I hate how I was look like.
I hate my cloth.


I really want to wear back the blue kain and the white baju.
I don't why... I just feels want to. Feels much much younger and kurus!

Don't cha???


Love to see him in this movie, with that black leather jacket!
Owh! and the shades too! Melting me down, you know!
better than in High School Musical where he looks like moron man-boy!

Suggesting you to catch this movie?
2.5 stars given!
Recommended... tapi tak rugi pun kalau tak tengok.
Evenmore, kalau dah pernah tengok It's a Boy Girl Thing,
Freaky Friday and 13 Going 30.

* Try to get the Transformer tics this Wed. Unenthusiastic, tho!


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