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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Weekend @ PD

"Manusia merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan"

The quote really suit to what had happen to our first plan to PD.
At first, it supposed to be 11 ppls 'ol together joining to PD but then... 3 days about to go, Ju Eun and Yeyen told that they can't make it as they plan to meet up their friend later... A night before going, Mira then who was texting me, told that she also can't join with... and a morning before, Mama, Bibik and Akem also plan not to go :( So there, the only left was Atok, Kak Ah, Arep, Ami and me. First mind, I thought the holiday to PD gonna be dull as there only left 5 of us, but actually it then turn to be one of the most enjoyable day I had in my life!

The vid of we foursome!
If you notice, you can hear some sort of commercial-line in this vid; "besttt...", gasped by Fara(my sis, the one in blue-pink-swimming-suit!) hehe.. :D

Pantai PD

* Ketam comel

Jumping buggy

* Saye melompat sekuat hati.
Penat rupenye aktiviti melompat ini.
Rase macam berat je nak angkat badan!

Pic ketika sengal

With my girl, main pasir...

Main kejar-kejar...

Bintang hati saye :)

Budak nakal!

The buried-man

Spooling water!

Water-art :)

Banana Boat @ Pantai Teluk Kemang

* till sunset

Planning for next vacation trip!


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