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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bag Tag

I got tagged from this young lady (she's younger than me and I'm so envy of her as I want to be in her age! again! cuz being 23 makes me assigns to abundant of problems to no end - too many things to think. Haih!)

So, here how's the game goes...
The rules:
"So here are the rules. All you need to do is spill all the contents of your bag (read : handbag) and don't forget to snap some pix . Upload the photos and tell your blog readers about those lovely stuffs of yours . Make a short brief of it okay?"

Ockay...so what I gonna do here are to snap the pic of my handbag, including the contents of it. Upload the photos and make a short brief of each one of the stuff.

But, before I continues expels what's inside mine, I would like to request to those person mentioned below to do the same thing too. So these are the persons I'm tagging! ~.^=
* Asha Fifi
* Aina
* Gurl a.k.a Mafuza
* Leyla
* Puteri
* Illi
If you had done this tagging before, you are specially REQUIRED to do it again :) OR you can just post the link of it (the link of this same tagging game that you previously done) in your latest entry of your blog. I would loveee to see the stuff that you lug in your handbag :)

Here what's inside my everyday handbag...
I chose my everyday handbag cuz I regularly using it and I never keeps arranging in-or-out the stuff inside. Not like with my other handbags, where I will lug everything out after using it.

The pic of my everyday handbag by Isetan brand name.

The stuff inside...

1. Big Apple Donuts' coupons
The validate was till 31st May..tapi still menyemak dalam beg sebab lupe nak buang. Malas kemas sebenarnye!

2. Instant Hand Sanitizer by Dettol
Used it for hygiene purpose, especially in the public toilet, where when I'm entered a toilet room yang ade toilet bowl. Euww ockay to sit on that! tapi kalau all the toilet rooms with a toilet bowl..nak buat macam mane? So here is where I will squeeze the Dettol on a tissue and rub the sit bowl. Then only I sit!

3. Woman Moisturising Body Lotion by Davidoff Cool Water
Used it as hand lotion actually - and MB pun selalu sibuk nak gune jugak :) Nice fragrance smell! It smell fresh and some sort of "smart" women odor.

4. Mini Tissues from Guardian
Ohhh.. I love this tissue because it smells rose fragrance!

5. Red Socks from Sox World
I will use it when I'm going for bowling. Mostly, I will wear slippers or wedges when I'm going out date. No way to wear socks with those foot wear right? So, I just kept the socks in my handbag. Whereas, maybe MB ajak pergi main bowling.. tak payah beli socks lagi.

6. X-tra Fresh Peppermint from MANGO
Haiyok! Ini peppermint sudah berabad tak makan. Boleh makan lagi ke? erk...

7. Drag Me To Hell movie ticket for two
The latest movie I saw with MB at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara. Just fyi, I collected all the movie's ticket I bought. Maybe one day I will post about the collection!

8. Hair grip
I bought from a good vintage store. Yup! I bought it but my mom paid! hehe...

9. Hair bands
I shopped at Guardian for Asha but I only gave her one band and I kept the rest. hik! :)

10. Small Notebook by A'ZONE
Entahlahhh... mungkin digunakan untuk memcatit idea yang tibe-tibe datang untuk menghasilkan satu karya novel. Haha! I'm not good in wrtting tho.

11. Pads
For the emergency case lah. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan kan?hehe...

12. Digital camera (and the extension) by Canon Ixus
This is my cayang baby pink. I brings the extension along sebab kalau nak immediate print or transfer pics to other source - senang. Betul tak?

13. Green Pouch bag from Maxis
Empty.. nothing stored in there. I brings it in my handbag because MB selalu nak tumpang barang-barang dia dalam handbag. Kunci kereta lah, parking ticket lah, handphone lah.. haih! Man should wear handbag too, I think! So, I will use this pouch to keep in his stuff. Sistematik tak? hehe..

14. Purse by Esprit
This is where I put my cardsss - identity cards (IC, license, blood type, student's card,etc.) and member's privillage cards. Also, money and family's pictures.

15. Handphone's pouch
Sometimes used to keep in camera and money too.

16. MP3 by Sony
Jarang sekali digunakan...

17. Bangle Watch by Swatch
Love this watch! Nangis kalau hilang cuz it brings one precious memory in my life.

18. Earring
In case of feeling nak pakai.. pakailah! Entahlah nape ade dalam handbag...

19. Black Pen by Pilot
Saje-saje letak dalam beg.

20. Lipgloss by Elianto
Ockay gurls! If you are about to find an affordable or a cheaper cosmetic stuff but with a great quality, most of Elianto's makeup stuff may satisfied you. Trust me! Anyway,
sometimes great products with great results don't need to cost a fortune.

21. Eyeliner pencil by Maybelline
I love the fine lead (as it really easy to apply on the eye lid) and the very black color of it.

22. Perfume Miniatures
They are small and make it easy to bring to anywhere. They are Incredible Me by Escada, Femme de Montblanc by Mont Blanc and Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren. I love the smell of Incredible Me by Escada the most and about to buy it one, but I already had another perfume from Escada too in my mind before, the Escada S. Tho, I love all fragrances by Escada!

Yeah, that's all inside...



  1. dlm bnyk2 barang kakak, stokin merah kita tu jugak yg sama. hahahaha... tersama lah pulak kan..

  2. nanti i buat eh..xsmpat nak snap ape dlm bag..haha...duk umah jew..xkuar lagi..:) so handbag campak tepi jew..heheh


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