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Thursday, June 11, 2009

DAE ???

When I was much much younger, I'd wish of having a car with my own picked car's plat number that spells my name :) I used to think real hard to find what the car's plat number should be. Because Malaysia's car was not producing out with car's plat starting with " F " series, I then found to choose plat from " N " series (Negeri Sembilan's car). So there I wish, if only I could have a car with this plat.....
NFR 124

It's quite funny to have this thought. But being childish (at that time), it was common! Budak kecik selalu pikir benda-benda yang tak penting and tak masuk akal kan? And so do me!hehe.. Now, I'm grown up and wisely think that despite counting on youthful-and-sporty design of a car could poses, car's plat number should not be my demand :)

As I'm posting this entry, I actually would like to share a pic taken on my way to fetch up my sis's friends, who happened to drop by from UK to visit Malaysia, before they fly-home to their hometown in Korea. It's a pic of car's plat that stated off one of my dearie friend's name! Kak Dae!

Comel kan?
DAE 89
MB is the one yang perasan dulu. MB said "Eh! Kereta Kak Dae!" and me looks at him weirdly and asked where got? Then only, I realized that he actually pointed at and means the car's plat! :D



  1. hahaha, gila comel no plat keta kak DAE, kak dae would be impressed ni :)

  2. aina, hehe . kak dae mmg patut beli ni dari orang punye kete ni !


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