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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The pictures of the day

8 months after 1st September 2008,

# Mama, Cik Esah (my mama's bestfriend), MB and me set off from Mama's kedai at 1pm. Kak Ah's (my sister's calling name) flight arrival was at 2.15pm. So, tak payah pergi airport seawal pukul 11 pagi as Mama suggested - coz Kak Ah needs another 1hour+ for the check-out process! Anddd I'm totally right! We arrived there at 2.45pm and wait for about half an hour to meet Kak Ah. Imagine if we did arrived there early like Mama wanted to set off at 11am! Definitely,I will ask my mom to measure the KLIA all around while waiting for Kak Ah! hahaha...

Btw, here's the pictures.....

MB shows his intern place. Panas!

Kak Ah arrived!




  1. internship kat AA academy ?! seronoknyaaaa !

    who's MB? haha..xpe2. saje je tny main2..hoho..

    bestnya dpt tgok kapal hari2

  2. ow itu bukan AA academy. That was complez bunga ape ntah. hehe. cant remember la cayang. but the name is complex bunge something. nearby klia airport.

    MB ke? stand for 'My beloved'. haha. *blushing*

    haha. u mmg airplane freak. mesti la suke. tapi sgt panas tao tempat tuh. u g jadi stewardess je :)

  3. compleks bung raya !am i right ?

    sbb nmpk rumah comel lambang AA. ingat kan kat sana ..hoho

  4. ha betul2. complex bunge raye! hehe. pandai la kamoo n of course la kamoo tao kan? :)

    My MB bukan keje tuk AA je. Any airplane maintenance pon bole. Lagi a year nak abes. then, dapat licence and yay! hehe ~.^=

  5. farahah dah sampai...:)
    kim salam dia

  6. hallu illies...
    ok! i will n welcome home!!! :)


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