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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She's home!!!

Glad that she's home.
Did she changed?
to something good for her.
Alhamdullilah... :)

I remembered when the first time I'd show my sis pic in UK to one of my friend. The friend said that she been told by her friend (who also studied at the same university in UK), my sis is "alim" - means my sis ni macam orang yang baik2 la (my sis pernah cerite die ade join usrah-group dekat sane). Then, I said, "Memangla, adek kite tu mmg baik. Pegi UK jadi lagi baik" :) n I really proud of that cuz I know how she's before n after - she's totally changed! from her dress-up to her daily activity. And what make I'm ok and comfortable with her changes is she never complain about me. She never ask me to follow her new way. She said, she changed (from bad to good) because she wanted to change! So, I don't have to pretend or feel forced to follow the new she. But, I don't really catch why the friend had asked me this, "Kamu bile pulak nak berubah?" How this question sounded to you? It's sound to me like I'm really a bad person right now...n I need to change! I admitted that I'm not a good girl - but so far I never involve with those......
* night club
* alcohol
* drugs
* cigarette
The truth, I don't know the friend's intention of asking that! How could I tell when I akan "berubah"? I can't see my future! Maybe one day or a year later or perhaps soonest as tomorrow, I get up and dress-out with a long loosing shirt with tudung + stoking. Who knows? So, back to the friend...pertanyaan itu macam perli. You are my friend. Don't have to ask that and tersengih! because actually, I'd something to say back to you but I kept for the sake of friendship. :)

Big Sister!


  1. kakak !

    ada post terbaru untuk akak kat blog saya. pasal blog jual bag. so far, baru dapat cari satu blog. haha...

  2. tak tau nk jwb klau org tny gini..mcm perli pun ada. dah bnyk kali kene perli mcm ni. sbr je lah. mana bleh paksa2 kan. :)

  3. yup! tapi i'm ok with that, cuz maybe die gurao je. just teringat what "she" said n i feel a bit irritated. ala manusia kan? :)


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