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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Checkers Collection

I had this new interest in choosing my tops from checker design. As only you know, checkers design was now hits the everyday fashion walk. You can see it be popular to wear out, and sometimes you could meet 2 different ppls whose wear slightly the same checker tops at the same time! Colors and boxes design of the checker pattern may look slightly same. So, sometimes it would be dangerous to wear, nanti jadi boria Penang pulak :p BUT if you are creative in mix and match fit your wearing, it could be so cantik and inspired. Example, wearing checker long-loose shirt (the one that the piece edge touch the knee) with legging or buckle up your waist - it makes you look fashionista and capture :)

I myself collected 3 pieces of checker tops - in color of purple, red and blue :) and never get bored with the boxes playing around -

and in my way to grab others that available! So, do inform me if you know any shops/blogs (online shop) sell checker tops ya! :p



  1. i cnt remember how many pieces i have!hehe..but, the blue color u have ala2 mcm i punya! :p mayb same color but different type of fashion..hehe..keep update ur blog ya dear!

  2. aina,
    haha. boring2 jalan, boleh main dam atas baju! :p 2 in one - not only as ur top-dress but also as ur game board!

    u mmg. the-very-updated one. pantang ade new collection in store, u grab. hehe. kan kan? betul tak? i noe! :p

    dulu cam tak suke je ngan patern kotak2 ni, macam kain pelikat lak..haha..ade ke?! tapi tengok org len pakai nampak comel lak.

    yang blue color tuh baru jeh grab last week. practical @ klcc ni menggugat iman dan poket tul lah! :D

    okeh.. kalao ade mase, mesti akan update. banyak bende nak post ni tapi TERAMATLAH penat. tak suke kerja! tapiii suke dapat gaji...haha :D bole tak cam tuh?? sengal kan!


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