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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week 1 di Petrosains.. :)

I am now undergoing my internship for 4 months at Petrosains KLCC, under Stagno Tech company, the company that hold maintenance contract with.

Sounded kinda weird for me as how the big company like Petronas not produces their own maintenance service. But according to the techs and engineers I met, they explained that Petronas only takes for big contracts and offers other sub-companies with they other contract, and at the same time also do place their people in the sub-companies cantract to oversee. It's kinda politics of scences playing around la. Nak terangkan pun agak payah, but just try to understand that one company needs to establish good relationship with other company, to ensure no stab backs! Ha! macam politik sikit kan? Nvm! not my business, after all. :) and btw, most of the other companies was also built on the same concepts and ways too. Nvm! hehe..

First day, penat sikit cuz Im (the HR person) and Kak Rina (the Exhibit Engineer and also the ex-BMians!) bawak jalan-jalan pusing satu Petrosains. Dua kali pusing tuh. First time, Im conduct and introduced us to other staff. Then, Kak Rina pula bawak round lagi sekali. Showed us to the exhibition zones of Petrosains. Petrosains may seems quite small from the entrance door tapi bahagian dalam 2 storeys. Lotsa machines and exhibitions stuff provides in there. So kalau ade yang tak pernah masuk Petrosains or dah lama tak masuk (as masa ikut rombongan sekolah je dulu), jom lah masuk. The tics was sold at very reasonable price and for more than worth to the knowledge and experiences you may gain while touring inside Petrosains nanti. Hehe..promote pulak. I enjoying the moment I be in Petrosains cuz I experiences all the stuff have inside. That's why if you are intend to go and if while inside there are exhibits machine you don't know how and what the functions are, do not hesitate to ask for the voluntary to assist. And do come early to at least spend an hour or more! at Petrosains, so that you could try all the stuff :))

Day 2, boredom hitting me! Yan (my intern partner) was assingned depart from me :( I was assigned to Car Ride department, while Yan sellected to AV department. We will switch department after every once month. Huhu :(( Day 3, Yan and me buat perancangan 'notty'. As we feel comfy and enjoy working together (and untuk mengelakan kebosanan), we planned before lunch, Yan will follow me to Car Ride room. After lunch, me pulak ikut Yan to join AV team. Hehe.. And that continues till day 5 (yesterday) and the staff tak kisah pun, as long as we could learn something from them. Lagipun, dorang suke gak kitorang buat macam tuh. Senang. Tak payah repeat the same instructions and teach back two times bile dah switch department nanti. Talking about the techs and enginneers of Stagno, dorang sangat genius ockay! Kagum! They deal with rare machines (and did I must tell you guys, that some of the machines Petrosains has, are only one kind in the world!) and they can fix the problems occured with it. Kagum gile! :)

Eventho best and I enjoy the intern program, I still thanks that Friday came! Haha :D Penat wooh kerja.. hari-hari kerjaaa...



  1. sounds great je practical kat sini. happy practical kak fariza :))

  2. ainaa,
    best2 gak la. buttt penat gak. tak suke mangun pagi!!! ;(

  3. hello dear! this is the veru 1st time dpt tgk pic u kt petrosains..slalu xdpt..

  4. gurl,
    nice ey kene keja ngan dinosaur? haha :D i've more of these pictures captured. nanti i upload lagi. hehe:p sengal kan? practical banyak main!

  5. mesti u kenal ngan sis ima siban kan..??

  6. sis ima siban??? sape tuh? tak kenal la nana. Petrosains gak ke?


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