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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Morning and Me

Just to share.....
Banyak banyak kereta,
kereta apa yang orang tak panggil kereta?


Today's morning, as usual I'm taking a taxi to my intern place. And the morning, I had a good chat with the taxi driver. Whereas, I am not really in a chat with other taxi drivers before, as it's morning beb! mane ade mood nak banyak cakap and I'm sure that same goes to anyone else too. Otak bangun pagi kan, agak weng-weng lagi la. But this pak cik (or should as commonly called as apek? he's Chinese...) sangat suke bersembang agaknye. He's kind. We talk about Malaysia's today! Hahaha. It's a good chat anyway! Listening to other's opinions and views; and for most from someone that from different race. For me, even he's Malaysian and I'm Malaysian too, I believe that he had other point of view that might totally out of mine, in the way of thinking and giving perspective about the country. I'm just guess that the way the Bumiputra has been served all this while, made we the Bumiputra and the non- has a different thought of life. But the truth, Uncle ni sangat thankful to his life and the country. We has compromise in most topics of our chat :)

Among all the topics "discussed" (hahaha!), there's one topic caught my attention. THE TAXI FARE INCREASE 30% ! Glup! 30%? Banyak tuh?! Even Uncle taxi pon tak happy with the news tau? He said, dia kesian dengan others yang kurang berkemampuan, ade pulak emergency case, need to go to hospital ke ape. Mesti pikir dua-tiga kali to take taxi. Baikkan die pikir macam tu? buttt... how do I react to??? I'm still lay back down and smile! sebab it's not me yang beria-ia nak naik taxi pergi kerja hari-hari and the most important - it's not me who pays for the fare. Itu semua adalah mama saya dan MB. From their eyes, I am six years old girl! Hey! budak enam tahun pun pandai naik train la! Hurm..nvm! Saye memang dimanjakan and saye suke begitu! Hehehe. Memudahkan dan tak penat but I don't know how it will be without this two persons in my life...

p/s : kerajaan... keRAJAan... turunkan harga barang A, naikkan harga barang B. Lagi baik tak payah buat turun naik harga. Wasting time only ma. Hanya mahu interframe dalam TV ey? announcing for turun naik harga. Sangat tidak faham! tapi Uncle cakap itulah namenya politik. Owh!

Jawapannya ialah... TAXI!

Pija Manjak!

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