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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Long Lost

It was like almost a week I'd disappear from this "blogging-world". The reason being, my dear-sweetie-blacky-lappy rosak ;( Eventho I could use my sis's lappy (with the segala syarat and peraturan penggunaan come along), I'm still not in the mood-to-blog. She's is 17 inches screen lappy, which I'm not really get used of it as mine is only less than 15". The wider screen makes me penat mata + sakit mata + pedih mata bile tercongok depan laptop for long hours. Plus! her lappy's touch pad sangat sensitif - I prefer to use touch pad if I'm using laptop sebab tetikus amat menyemak dan serabut! Hahaha... Orang dah bagi pinjam ni cukup bagus la kan? Banyak bunyik pulak sayerrr nih! Ces!

Actually, I have a lot in my mind to blog and share with you readers tapiii I can't truly blogging while my office hours sebabbb I feels uncomfy while othaz in the office stare at what I am typing. Bukan nak cakap diorang menyibuk ke whatnot tapi malu lah! Hikhik. Pastu, bila dah balik rumah, rasa sangat penat pulak. Lagi, my lappy rosak ;( Lagi la tak de mood nak blogging, apetah lagi online ;(

Buttt if I still "capable" to be online, the first thing I'll do is reads my friends' blog, for sure! So, keep updating your blog ya! I love love love to read your entry/ies - especially the one with informative writings and thoughts like the H1N1 things and the template for layout - blogging tips :) - etc. - anythings actually! I just love to read and get informed ~.^=


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