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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mood Swinging ;(

This is not the entry that I planned to post,
as what I told in the previous entry.

Reason being, I can't write out the 'sweet-memory-entry'
with my mood swinging around!


I'd an entire life's lesson...
that was to be told like this...

"Handle with care. ALWAYS handle with care. EXTRA care!"

I also learned that...

My mom is amazing woman, that maybe I could ever met. I should learn to be positive as she can be. It's helping me to reduce the pressure. Every words comes out from her, so inspiring and influencing - magic words of her I must say!

I am sooo lucky that sometime I feels sooo a wayyy lucky than otha girls cuz I have MB in my life! (Hikhik, eeikk... sebenarnye semua org pon are lucky to meet their soulmate. Sorry for the previous statement. I'm over in expressing my feeling :p Hahaha)

A stuff that cost over RM300~ is not a toy! Never simply lent it to ppl. Never simply pass it to ppl. Trust no others! Always be worried if your stuff at others' hand, even it just for a or two minutes!

Precious lesson! Indeed!


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