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Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Jilat Lekat Pos"

I just got my lappie in hand :)
Totally happy!

Yesterday, I watched two movies (YES! two movies in a day!) - during lunch hour with my new "crime-mate", Yan - then with "love-gadoh-love-mate", MB after office hour.

During the lunch hour, where other ppl going to have the lunchie on their plate, both Yan and me having a great time together enjoying the movie - SETEM, Malay movie which I totally give a total credit to it! Best beb! Comedy scene yang terbaik I ever been served by local movie. Gelak sampai nak nangis tao. Seriously, after so longgg this is the local movie that I am proud of (at least for me.. instead I love comedy genre!). Kan orang selalu cakap "rugi jeh tengok cerite Melayu kat wayang" tapiii trust me (no finger cross!) cerita ni lain! Best! The introduction pun lain dari local's yang lain - it's started with caricature colored black-brown-white! - great choices and nice scenes of locations for shooting! - explosion effect really wowing me as I wonder did they explode the old building for real??? as the building looks really familiar to me - just located nearby my previous school, at the back of Jalan Bukit Nanas - all the causes (actually there's more) of why I personally gave so much praise to this movie that also been co-stars by Afdlin, Vanidah, Vanidah's hubby, Que, Bront, and more others yang tak berape nak kenal or remember their name, expecially the character named Vellu, I knows him tapi tak tao name and only used to call him as Acapan - his funny giler!

Huhuhu... Yan and me still keep talking-and-repeating the comedy lines haved in the movie, hahaha :D Then later, after office's, I had the second movie of the day with MB - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past... and I not in a way to tell you how the movie goes sebab tak best and quite boring + stale idea + tak syiokkk laaa...

Ok lah, till then ya!

p/s : I have something to post sooner - about something that sooo sweeettt and memorable for me - something that I would like to share with you guys :)

I just got the "Acapan's" real name - Sathia lahhh... :)) "tosei, rawa tosei, nasi kandar" :D


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  1. i lame gile x g tgk movie.. :(( n lame gile u x update blog! hehe
    i loveeeeeee ur stilettos itu! urgghh! i pun nak gakkkkk :p


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