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Monday, August 24, 2009

Yatim Piatu

Hari ni I'm on leave.
Sakit perut ;(


There's a question for you actually?
Did you guys go to watch movie during puasa?
I knows it's not wrong to watch movie during puasa but it just that.....
best ke tengok movie without chewing the popcorn or at least having slurping
the cold ice drink? Mesti tak best kan? So, to that, I think ppls (the Muslims) prefer
a night movie during fasting month lah. Tapiii kalau pergi malam, how about the terawih? :p


Therefore, MB and me had our last movie before this fasting month coming (maybe! ;p), last Friday. We caught a horror movie titled "Orphan"! Not that horror actually as ni bukan cerita hantu, tapi cerita tentang orang gila! I'm not here to writes and summarizes the whole movie AND I advices you not to google it or searching for the film's review too! coz you might find out what is happening in the whole story from your reading - who's the orphan girl really are, which it's actually the strength point of this movie. So, kalau nak betul-betul enjoy and feels puzzles while watching the movie, go and catch it - there's no need to read for the movie's review coz trust me this is worth-watching-movie!

Isabelle Fuhrman starring as Esther, the orphan.

MB and me :)


  1. laling~

    kamu demam yer? get well soon dear!!

  2. x bez eyh tgk muvi x makan popkon ngan air kok? ntah, bole je kot. sbb kusyuk sgt layan muvi. .

  3. ooohh.. rini kamoo bekerja laa ekk? okehh :P

  4. fifi : keje rini. awal nye kamoo men internet ey? hikhik ;p balik pukul berape sat g?

    syahir : ha'a boleh je tapiii mcm dahage jeh kalo tengok muvie. hikhik ;p

  5. kamoo.. nanti kita try dl yehh yang kamoo ajar tuh.. nnt kita try wat dl.. kamoo ni pandai daa.. mne tau ekk kne wat gtu?? hehe.. maceh2.. kamu nak tau gak ke sal yang kakak tuh?
    dier suh kita pakai cekak rambut and wat sanggul je pon... hehe..
    cam taylor swift lam vclip dier.. :P

  6. ow..
    just thought to do the same to ur "e"day. but nvm, pp mesti lagi cun :)


    kalo nak, bole pegi jalan tar. rase nye ade veil yg da siap especially the white color lagi banyak kot. ntahlaa.. tapiii tak rugi pon g sane usha, sbb sambil tu bole ter"usha" bajoo raye gak. kehkehkeh :D

    bajoo color ape? kalo soft pink or any bright color pon..rase ok kot veil putih. pastuh letak bunge same color ngan bajoo..

    cam ni... (click the link)



    (kawan dalam fb kite)

    kalo tengok, pakai tudung biase pon bole wat cam tuh. tapiii.... kalo tak nak pening! langsung tak yah pikey ok. less is more!

    pasal html tuh, google jeh. banyak html code...

    sini ade satu link, list tuk symbols yg tak de atas keyboard...


    okeh :)
    hepi blogging darl ~


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