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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taylor Swift Version Buruk Tapi Comel ☺

The first day of raya, my adik sedara came by for visit. She's 9 and sooo comel! with her curly-wavy-black hair. She admires Taylor Swift sooo much and she could sings the two fave songs (Love Story and You Belong with Me) in full! I mean she memorizes all the lyrics. So comel kan? She also asked me to download the clip of "You Belong with Me", and so I just finished downloaded it...

Love her candy eyes!!!

And now I introduces to you.....

 Adriana a.k.a Yana :)

A Taylor Swift die hard fan! ;p


Kakak Pija.

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  1. hahaha.., kita ade lagu dier jgk.. best tau.. kit apon suker jgk her curly nice hair.. comells!!~


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