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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sending Me♥ Flower

THANK YOU♥ for the flowers! I realllllyyy it!

Current flowers in my vase. Thank you thank you thank you ♥ T_T

Heres come the steps of sending the flower into my vase,

1st ♥ Click to choose either YES or NO. Then, a dialog box would appear like this...

if you choose YES

or like this

if you choose NO :(

2nd ♥ Fills in your name. Nama samaran pun tak pe. Like contoh... Dewi Bunge or wat-so-lah! Tak pe. Hehe :p
3rd ♥ Then, fills in your link. So I can trace where you are from. I can read ur blog and get know u better. Okeh? And then, maybe we can be followers? Kan? Kan? You be my follower, I'll be your follower. How bout that? Deal? Deal! Haha :D Childish me :p

4th ♥ Lastly, put in a message for me. I would love to read it, guys! :D

5th ♥ The very last step, click (send rose). Don't click (skip this) because when you do click that, automatically you will send to me a rose with an anonymous name. Which... tak best lah kalau tak tahu siapa yang send you a rose. Kan?

Tada, once you click send rose, you can see bunga-bunga bertaburan. Sangat cantik tau. Try la send satu, kalau nak tengok. Hehehe :p

Btw, thanks to...
anonymous for 11 roses, :) for 1 rose, :-* for 1 rose, and <3 for 1 rose. Suka sangat mendapat bunga dari orang-yang-tak-tahu-lah-apa-nama, sukanya seperti bermain mancari gula-gula Hacks dalam tepung :p


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