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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why I Choose Him, Not You?

I love him and I choose him, not everyone else because


Why should I find someone who are rich, handsome-kind, have this underpants-model's body, driving luxuriousss car with his name adhere on the plat, could brings me on a cruise-holiday,his a Gucci membership somemore!,  plus comes with all the features that every girls looking for - like loyal, kind, romantic, bla... bla... bla... bla... while I'm on the other note, not perfect too! I'm not the beautiful-skinny-mini-tall model, with smooth long legs, non-damage long hair, perfect nail done, great smile that can dilute all hearts,and a daughter to Mr.President of what!???

see, I choose him because he is not perfect, and neither do I!

So, we should accepting each other and complement one another :)
and that's then be called as a PERFECT COUPLE! :)

iu, debu!

Happy 3 years and 3 months anniversary :*
(Yes! we celebrating and wishing it in every month!)

Our 3rd years anniversary's cupcakes, that we had last 3 months ago...

+Credit to Kak Zu from Chomel Cupcakes.

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  1. woowwwwwwwwwwwwii gila sedapp kapkek!!nyumnyummmmmmmmm~


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