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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Choices in My Life.

Kids, lately I receives so many good news that my colleagues already been offered work by company. It is a great news to them. As you see, all of us graduated last November, and from that time, no one from us have been called by a company. So it's pretty scary. But that's end. Few of them with their hardwork already gets a place in industry. It's paid off.

For me, it stays the same. Kids, you know, my mom never never never... allows me to work until I finish my study to master level. Sad :^( Is it okay if I gets her to listen to Justin Bieber's song, Never Say Never. I'm kinda down to see other friends get to go to work and earn OWN MONEY. I want that toooo!

But you know what, continues my study is the best for me. Because as I grows adult, I feels I never like to work with industry. I want other environment. My practicum experience thought me that working with industry never let you wears nice office attire. Never let you walks into Padini store. Hahaha.

I love teaching and also studying at the same time! So I choose teaching line and to that, I choose to pursue my study. AND NEVER LOOK BACK TO MY WORKING FRIENDS AND FEELS DOWN campur envy. Hahaha.

Ok kids. I got to go now. My friend is waiting for the one hot story from me hahaha. AND YEAH, TODAY, AREP IS WAITING FOR A GOOD NEWS ABOUT HIS INTERVIEW THE OTHER DAY. I feels the sound of his heart right now!

Ciau dulu.

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