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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skateboard Uncle John

You know, Arep's siblings are the Auntie Vogue, Uncle Sam, Uncle John and Uncle Bob. Among them, Uncle John paling bergaya dari segi hobi dan minat. Hobi masa lapang Uncle John ialah bermain skateboard dan bermain bonggo I think. No! It is called GUITAR.

One day Uncle John's accidentally broke his skateboard.  So, poor Uncle John asked Arep to find him a new skate board. Therewith, the sincere journey of brother's love began.

To Zone 5 Berjaya Times Square. Skaters' shops where skaters shop here.

The shoe racks that I think I want it for my shoes too.

One of the skater's brand name, Emerica. (ejaan nak style)

Fesyen rambut usah kau pertikaikan panas ke tak rimas ke tak.

Pilihan yang ada mengikut bajet pembeli.

Happy now? :^)

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