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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nyummeh Pizza.

Sempena Tahun Baru Cina Tahun 2011, Pizza Hut menghidangkan pizza panaz baru! *Hahaha ayat iklan kau tak boleh blah!*

So where we got to munch?

Here. At 500th KFC's branch. But since you can't see what's writen on the light board there, I decide to doodling the "500th" word on the pic fer yewww. Nampak tak? Nampak tak? Restoran KFC yang ke-500 is just near by your apak's house in Subang, kids. Jalan kaki pom boleh.

One thing that makes me really happy on that day is that was the first time I'm driving alone. And that first destination was to Arep's cribs. AND I'm came back home alone TOO, at night! Arep said he really proud of me because neither me nor him ever thought that I could drive ever! Ever! I am like one cacat lady who you really afraid to wheeling and sometimes get afraid of doing any other things that I'm not use to do. Example like cooking with hot oil (hahaha for someppl that's only the alasan of malas masak) or asking strangers for directions or talking to new people for first time or enter goldsmith lots without my mom or walking alone in a shopping mall or replying text message in a bank or afraid when my handphone ringing while I'm a quiet place like in a bank, office, or kedai yang tak laku (tak ramai pengunjung). Saye memang seorang yang cepat takut dan kurang keyakinan diri. Hah!

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