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Friday, May 15, 2009

Kerenah Atok & Astro Kirana

Did you know that Astro Kirana channel will be close starting 18th May?
I just know about it after my Atok told me about that.

Do your grandpa like my Atok too?
He knows everything about this television thingy.
Hebat huh? and yes to admit that he is an old man with high general knowledges. Come lah meets my Atok and you will admit it too. Born in 1923, I guess he had learnt so much in his life. He also had questioned me a lot of new technology thingy we had nowadays (which he not having it ketika zaman mude belianya. hehe..) Susah tao kadang-kadang to explain why this, why that.. how this, how that..macam mane we can stored movie in the flat-round CD..macam mane 'rupe' internet! Can you explain that?! It's a bit difficult jugak la to explain to my Atok that Internet 'do not have face'! It exist in wave and relates to electronic thingy. Luckily, I'm taking electronics course and knows lil' bit about it. Kalao tak susah gak nak explain. huh! Then, I suggests Atok to watch documentary channel such as Discovery (my fav!) instead of watching telemovie jeh.. dari pukul 11 sampai pukul 4 he will sits on his 'grandpa chair' (hih! :) so cute) and layan from cerita Latin to cerita Indon, then continue to cerita Melayu / Philiphine / Thai. huh! cerita cinta pulak tuh sume! ish ish.. But he do love to watch sports too and his fav is badminton match.

My Atok at the age 86 this becoming 28th May.

Ow! Back to the closing of Kirana channel, I would like to post 2 movies that ever televised by the channel. Both movies sangat menyedihkan and really made my eyes drowning with tears. huhuhu..

Inang Yaya (Mother Nanny)
The story tells about Norma who works as a nanny to Louise, a sweet rich young girl. Ironically, while tending for someone else’s child, Norma cannot take care of her own daughter, Ruby, whom she left at the auspice of her mother. The sudden death of her mother forced Norma to bring Ruby to her employers’ household to live with her. Norma must now strive to divide her time, attention and love between Louise, whom she nurtured since birth, and her daughter Ruby who hardly had the chance to experience motherly care. When her employers decided to migrate abroad, Norma is all the more burdened with the choice of coming with them to take care of Louise and earn more money or staying behind and finally play her role as a mother to Ruby. Uh! This movie is really a heart-warming story ;( sob.. sob..

The second movie...
White Silk Dress
I'm pretty sure that there must be many of you readers never had watched this movie as I myself found difficult to download it from Internet. There's no website of it. Anyway, here some review of it...

The story begins in Ha Dong (northern Vietnam) in 1954. Emphasizes the importance of a white silk that Gu (the father) had given to Dan (the mother) as a wedding gift before they had fled south, with promises of a proper marriage someday in the future. Years later in Hoi An, Dan must sacrifice this one valued possession to support her family and provide for her daughters the áo dài (the white dress) required to attend school. The sacrifice she made is amongst other shocking hardships and humiliations she must endure. So sad ;( and her daughters need to share the only white dress they have everytime they going and went back from school. The younger sister will awaiting her elder sister and the saddest part of this movie was when the elder sister dead bombed. huhu.. You must see that part. Soooo sad ;( *uhuh! i'm crying hardly at that time*

Ockaylah for now. From the movie's poster pun, I guess you can feels how sad the movie was.
sob.. sob..

I'm crying,

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